Quartz Countertops

Quartz has become a really popular choice for the countertops in the recent decade. And it is very easy to see why. It is extremely durable, and due to its solid sealed structure it the top choice for kitchen and bathroom vanities. The incredible options in terms on color, veining, quartz inclusions and pattern have opened up great possibilities for interior design.

Once you start evaluating the features of quartz versus granite and marble you can not overlook its excellent features. It is a man made material with inclusion of the hardest mineral - Quartz. Since it is man-made the manufactured slabs come in sizes that will work for any kitchen design layout and are easy to match the pattern in the seams. It has been designed with durability and functionality in mind.

Great colors and pattern choices. Quartz countertops are not treated as marble or granite substitute anymore. They offer bold design statement in their own right. And are valued as such. Now Quartz countertop feature in a real estate listing easily adds value to a home, and is a sought after feature by new homeowners. The pigments used in its design give the manufacturers complete control over its coloring - making it easy to integrate in any interior.


Quartz countertops have been designed with durability in mind. Your kitchen and bathrooms are the most frequently used space. This is where all the food prepping, cutting, water splashing happens. And you have to think of the practical side when you plan your ideal kitchen space.

You need a surface that won’t scratch, stain, or get easily damaged. And quartz has it all.

Quartz is created with polymers in addition to natural quartz inclusions. It is non porous structure and sealed surface make it great for use in high traffic kitchens and bathrooms.

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